Thursday, June 14, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 7 Match 1

Croatia 1 Italy 1

You’re the cat with the cream, Slaven Bilić,
an advertiser’s dream, Slaven Bilić.
You are nobody’s fool,
the epitome of cool,
you’re the sharpest damned tool
 in the village.

You’re an icon of style, Slaven Bilić,
with your earring and smile, Slaven Bilić.
You can wear any suit
with creases acute,
when your team comes to loot
and to pillage.

Are you a Foo Fighter fan, Slaven Bilić?
A Brian Ferry man, Slaven Bilić?
Did you like INXS?
Lady Gaga, I guess?
I bet you never liked Yes
or Steve Hillage.

Are you a farmer at heart, Slaven Bilić?
Throw the hay in the cart, Slaven Bilić?
Do you secretly ache
for a hoe and a rake
and a vast hundred ac-
-res of tillage?

The Italians were rocked, Slaven Bilić,
by the second half, shocked, Slaven Bilić.
Will Spain be destroyed?
Is your keeper now buoyed?
Has he trained to avoid
any spillage?

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