Thursday, June 28, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 21 Semi Final 2

Germany 1 Italy 2

They’d been moaning about him,
they’d been groaning about him.
On the football chat shows,
they’d been phoning about him
but Balotelli came up trumps
and left the Germans in the dumps
in Warsaw.

They’d been suspicious about him,
they’d been seditious about him,
vicious, repetitious,
superstitious about him
but Balotelli scored a brace
and got the critics off his case
in Warsaw.

In Warsaw, we ignored Italian sermons.
We said they had a softish underbelly.
In Warsaw we all came to praise the Germans
and ended up admiring Balotelli.

They’d been bitchin’ about him,
nervous twitchin’ about him,
married couples had been rowing
in the kitchen about him
but Balotelli got a double,
put the Germans deep in trouble
in Warsaw.

They’d been malevolent towards him,
not benevolent towards him.
Hostility had certainly
been prevalent towards him
but Balotelli cut the mustard,
got the Germans hot and flustered
in Warsaw.

In Warsaw, the Italians scaled the Eiger,
roped together by Signor Prandelli.
Down the slope rolled Őzil and Schweinsteiger,
gaping at a posing Balotelli.

They’d written pages about him,
flown into rages about him,
maintained that there was something
quite contagious about him
but Balotelli scored two crackers,
squarely silenced his attackers
and didn’t end up at the centre
of a most unseemly fracas
in Warsaw.

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