Thursday, June 7, 2012

Euro 2012 D-Day Minus 1

The tension mounts

Will the Dutch score many goals?
Will the Poles amount to much?
Will the Spanish crash out bitterly in Ukraine?
Will the Czechs upset the seeds?
Will the Swedes be nervous wrecks?
And will Italy slowly vanish down the drain?

Will van Persie start to fester?
Will Iniesta show no mercy?
Will Duff have a swagger in his stride?
Will Samaras give it welly?
Will Balotelli hog the cameras?
Will Agger have enough to turn the tide?

Oh yes we will be blessed
with a month-long footie-fest
exploding like a massive supernova.
There’ll be referees that blunder
and dreams that fall asunder –
oh please do not disturb me till its over.

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