Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 6 Match 2

Germany 2 Netherlands 1

I’m not convinced the Germans are well-rounded,
as winning Euro 2012 requires.
Rumours may turn out to be well-founded
that here’s a team that noticeably tires.
The back four don’t appear too well grounded
and hardly, it is fair to say, inspires.
Yet still there’s many who are quite dumbfounded
should one suggest the German team misfires.

I’m not convinced the Dutch team is in tatters,
as many football pundits might suggest.
Two defeats at this stage barely flatters
and many Orange fans are quite distressed.
But watch and see how this illusion shatters
when Lazarus regains his boyish zest.
They still can qualify, and that’s what matters,
and when they do, they’ll beat the very best.

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