Friday, June 8, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 1 Match 1

Poland 1 Greece 1

Robert Lewandowski had found the Greek netting.
The hosts were on fire and quite on a roll,
confirming the nous of the pre-match betting.

A central defender red-carded for breathing,
the second fell injured and doubled the toll –
small wonder the obdurate Greeks were seething.

Half-time came, there was just one team in it
and what a nice day for a carefree stroll!
(and had been from the very first minute)

Then three large letters appeared in the fray
(an occurrence that many folk present found droll)
-      an A, an S and a capital K.

The A was as large as an emperor’s hallway.
The S was the size of an overgrown troll.
The K was immense (‘bout the same size as Galway)

Throw in the towel? The Greeks would forbid it,
though it didn’t appear they could pull back a goal.
It was a big ask, but the battling Greeks did it.

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