Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 6 Match 1

Portugal 3 Denmark 2

The Portuguese abound in clever passes,
slick one-twos the order of the day
but sadly they don’t know what real class is.

Despite a most imperious display,
they spent the whole match diving and complaining
and driving all the neutral fans away.

I wonder do they practice it in training –
the frantic roll whenever contact’s made,
the moaning, faking, finger-pointing, feigning?

It’s such a shame their matches can’t be played
without the almost constant remonstrating
that seems to be their standard stock in trade.

I’m sure that the officials find it grating
to be assailed by this assault of jaw
and suffer that long barrage of berating.

It’s possible they’ll win the Euros, for
the Portuguese abound in clever passes.
But champions are made of so much more –
till then, they’ll never know what real class is.

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