Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 10 Match 2

Portugal 2 Netherlands 1

The Dutch are gone
amid much sobbin’.
Some players shone –
alas, not Robben.

The Dutch are beat
amid controversy
but do not fret
about van Persie.

The Dutch fly home,
van Bommel’s sighing.
The aerodrome
rings out with crying.

The Dutch are gone.
Could shots go wider?
Some blame lies on
one Wesley Sneijder.

How bad the Dutch?
How dim their star?
They didn’t get much
from Huntelaar.

The Dutch are out
with little heart
but there’s no doubt
‘bout van der Vaart.

The Dutch fall short –
no orange conga.
Most feel they ought
to have stayed longer.

They’re rotten eggs.
They’re mildewed wine.
The question begs –
will Bert resign?

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