Saturday, June 30, 2012

Euro 2012 Day 23 Rest Day

Goodbye to Poland, adios to Ukraine

Goodbye to Poland, adios to Ukraine.
Although you were tagged by the racism stain,
the media searched for examples in vain
in a generous, warm population
that welcomed the Croat, the Swede and the Dane.

Auf wiedersehen Poland, aloha Ukraine.
The matches ran smoothly throughout the campaign.
Theatrical dives seem to be on the wane
as the TV picks up simulation
and offenders know well they will garner disdain.

Au revoir Poland, ha det to Ukraine.
You hosted things well, we’d no cause to complain.
The referees stayed in control in the main
and the football evoked much elation.
And thank Christ we had no vuvuzela refrain.

Sayonara to Poland, shalom to Ukraine.
We thought here in Ireland we knew summer rain,
but you must have constructed one helluva drain
to cope with your precipitation.
By rights it should mainly all stay on the plain.

Arriverderci to Poland, slán agat to Ukraine.
Oh, how can you cope without Jordan and Wayne?
Your loss, my good friends, is the Premier League’s gain –
they’re the pride of the Sky TV station.
For you, only bittersweet memories remain.

Hejda to Poland, do svidanja Ukraine.
From Wroclaw to Donetsk is three hours by plane.
It would probably take you a fortnight by train
and use up your entire vacation.
Ah, the distances travelled would drive you insane.

Do widzenia Poland, pa pa Ukraine.
All that is left now is Italy-Spain.
The world waits to see which of them can attain
the title of champion nation.
And, when it’s all done, can we do it again?

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